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Logo colours

You can choose from a number of colour schemes for the overview. It is also possible to have an extra colour scheme made up, according to your company logo.


By adjusting the size of the boxes in the overview you can vary the width of the entire overview, from 617 to 803 pixels (in four steps). The height of the overview mainly depends on the form and the number of months represented.

Number of months

By adjusting the number of months shown in the overview table, you can determine how far in advance bookings can be made. This also changes the height of the overview table. However, there is a minimum height based on the number of fields in the booking form.

Week/day booking

You can enable the visitor to book chosen days or full weeks, or a combination of both. For a combination of both the visitor can choose weeks or days in the dropdown menu in the bottom right hand corner of the overview. You can also set the minimum and maximum number of weeks and days to be booked.

Language versions

At this moment a Dutch, English, French and German version of the overview and forms are available. If you have a website in these languages, you can open the overview in either language.

Booking form

You can adjust the booking form to your own requirements. You can decide if you want to make visible the fields 'address, postcode and city', 'phone number' and 'country'. When they are visible you can also indicate that it is optional to fill them in. All other fields are a requirement. You also have the option to add three extra fields of your own choosing.

More houses

In your own administration page it's possible to add more houses. Costs for extra houses are € 10,- ex BTW per house per year.

Always up-to-date

The summary is always up-to-date. You see the actual month first, so there is never old information on your website.

Browser compatibily

  • PC and Mac
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 5.0
  • Netscape Navigator from version 6.0
  • Mozilla from version 6.0 To work with the administartion-tool its necassary to use a PC with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.