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When the visitor asks for the availability of the property, he will see this overview:

Bezoeker, stap 1

When the visitor wants to make a booking, all he has to do is set the length of the period and click the required dates:

Bezoeker, stap 2

He can then fill in the required data on this form:

Bezoeker, stap 3

After this a confirmation page will appear. The visitor can also print the data.

Bezoeker, stap 4

After the booking the visitor gets this result on the screen:

Bezoeker, stap 5

After clicking 'OK' the resultscreen occures. The booking is shown as an option:

Bezoeker, stap 6

As well as that you (as owner) can go to your own administration page, where the details of the booking will be shown:

Eigenaar, boeking

You can also update his customer data and settings:

Eigenaar, klantgegevens

You can also change the settings per property, for instance to add extra fields to the booking form:

Eigenaar, objectgegevens